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This website is the global home of the Nuxalk indigenous nation. We are indigenous people located in Canada. This website seeks to be a uniting platform for all people who are indigenous, Nuxalk community members, or descended from them. We are a proud, yet increasingly rare, community. It is our hope that this website would act as a repository of all the information available about our important and historical people.

Learn more about Nuxalk people on this website. You can quickly see that we come from all walks of life. We have all sorts of points of view, and we bring a lot of things to the table. You can see both the unity of our linguistic and cultural group, while at the same time, seeing the unity that we, as a people, share thanks to our common history and development.

The Nuxalk people are a proud indigenous people located in Canada, who have contributed a lot over the years, and who have also overcome all sorts of adversity just like all other indigenous communities spread throughout North America and elsewhere. This shared collective history is what unites us, and this is why we have put up this website as a central focal point for all people who are passionate and interested in maintaining and continuing our traditions, while also learning more about what makes us so special and distinctive. Just like with other ethnic and language groups, we deserve a space of our own, so we put up this website.

If you ever have any questions regarding the Nuxalk people, where they come from, what their culture is, their distinct points of view, their history, and anything else related to this cultural social and language group, you have come to the right place.

Learn About Our History

History is what shapes all ethnic peoples. In fact, history plays a larger role than language and religion in shaping the distinctive point of view and unique sensibilities that separate one cultural group from another. Culture is a by-product of history. Different people can experience the same history and walk away with totally different points of view and attitude. We understand that. This is how history plays out, and we are glad to and proud to highlight very important references and resources that would enable anybody interested in the Nuxalk people to learn more about our history.

As a distinctive people, we bring a lot to the table. We have much to contribute, and you can see from our historical development how this all plays out. We have a definitely distinct voice within the overall development of Canada, the frontier, as well as North America in general.

We Share Community Concerns

Another reason we put up this website involves our community concerns. Nuxalk people, like other indigenous people, are under certain types of stresses, pressures and developmental trends. We are not immune to the challenges and opportunities facing all sorts of indigenous communities, whether they be language groups or ethnic groups and distributed throughout North America and elsewhere.

This website enables members of both the Nuxalk community and those outside of it to discuss certain community concerns, and how they impact a day to day life, as well as long-term planning for both our community and the larger Canadian community surrounding us.

We truly believe in shared and common goals. We believe that there is more that unites us than divides us. This is why our community concerns are posted on this website in clear as clear terms as possible. We believe that this is the way to get a productive two-way communication going, which can hopefully lead to common solutions that benefit everyone concerned.

We Share Community Solutions

The best solutions are not imposed from the top down, nor from the outside in. Instead, they are organic. They come from the grassroots. We are firm believers of this, and we have seen this play out time and time again in our very own community. Accordingly, we are proud to host an online platform that enables distinct voices from all over our community, both inside and out, to share a common space where sensible, clear, respectful, and result-driven conversations can be had.

We understand that in many cases in life, it’s much better to ask the right questions rather than to jump at seemingly amazing answers. Our collective wisdom has taught us this, and this is why, in our pursuit of community solutions, we actively solicit community questions. Ask away. There is no such thing as a dumb question. In fact, the only foolish question is the question you’re too shy to ask.

We Draw Inspiration from Each Other

The Nuxalk nation is not only located in Canada, but members all over North America and points beyond as well.

Everybody has a distinct story. Everybody has a distinct perspective with which they see the world. By sharing our stories and experiences here, we end up inspiring each other. We remind each other that, despite our differences, we all have common goals, and this gives us the inner strength as an indigenous people to move forward boldly.

We Share Community Resources

Nuxalk community members become aware of all sorts of community resources both within our group, as well as outside in the general culture. Feel free to share these community resources, so could all benefit. These resources are added on an ad-hoc basis. In other words, we use strictly first-in first-out posting system.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions regarding your indigenous activity or the community, get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. If we don’t have a ready answer, we would post your questions, with your permission of course, to our message board and hopefully, one of our community members would see these questions and give you the answer you’re looking for. Whatever the case may be, when it involves the community, chances are, you would get the answer that we’ve been looking for here instead of asking elsewhere.

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