Nuxalk Nation

A website dedicated to Nuxalk community

This website is dedicated to the Nuxalk nation. We are an indigenous people located in Canada. We have a very small population, but regardless of our small size, we are a proud nation. We are here to celebrate everything and anything related to Nuxalk culture, its people and its proud history. We share all sorts of resources, so people don’t forget.

As an indigenous nation, we are facing some several threats and risks. The biggest threat, of course, involves our existence as a culturally and socially distinct people. As less and less people speak the Nuxalk language, it’s only a matter of time until a core component of our ethnic, social and cultural identity disappears.

We also face tremendous challenges as far as collective memory is concerned. As you probably already know, one of the most important uniting of factors that binds members of any community is the sense of a shared history. It is their shared walk and shared collective experiences that bind them to each other regardless of how different they look from each other, their primary language, educational attainment level, and all other indicators that tend to divide and classify people. We have a shared history. That's why we are a nation in the first place. This website is all about sharing that history, so future generations don't lose their identity. They have a frame of reference. They can always look to a certain group of facts stored on our website that they can refer to as a distinct part of their identity.

We draw inspiration from this history. We look at it as a uniting and motivating force. Given all the hurdles, disadvantages and adversities overcome by our ancestors, we would be doing them a disservice by simply keeping all this history to ourselves. It is the overarching philosophy of this website to speak these truths and these collective memories to the world in a loud, proud and dignified way.

Regardless of where you’re located on the planet, if you are a proud member of our distinctive community, you will always have this place to call as your online cultural home. It’s all about preserving identity and remembering our collective history.

As a result, in line with all of the above, we seek to inspire each other. We understand the wide range of challenges facing indigenous peoples of all cultures, languages and backgrounds all over the world, not just in Canada or North America.

We understand what’s going on. This is why we seek to inspire not only direct members of our community, but also individuals descended from members of our community and the larger, global indigenous people community by reminding them of the adversities that we’ve overcome as a people. You also celebrate these moments of our overcoming the mental and cultural toughness, as well as the cultural celebrations and expressions made possible by those adversities that we’ve turned collectively into opportunities.

Far from just simply choosing to survive day to day, our agenda here is not just to survive as a culture, but to thrive. We are firm believers that behind every challenge is an opportunity. Despite all the stresses, pressures and uncertainties facing our people, we understand that there are tremendous opportunities here that can help our community not only live another day, but also actually thrive in the future. This is why we are so excited and optimistic about having this online home available for all people interested in anything, and everything related to the Nuxalk culture and language group.

Let's Help Each Other

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We have a robust question-and-answer section here. This is your chance to post your questions and ask for help. This is also your chance to help others with their questions. It’s all about community members helping other community members.

It’s not a question of who has more knowledge, or who’s an expert in certain topics. Instead of focusing on expertise and hierarchy, we focus more on community bonding, community solutions and a cooperative approach to collective wisdom. It’s our mission and our goal to make everyone feel complete.

Regardless of where you are, you’ll remain connected through this website. You’d be surprised as to how far and wide this website reaches. You might not think that there are Nuxalk people in
Japan, Mongolia or Ethiopia, but regardless of where you’re traveling to, either on a short-term basis or a long-term one, you can have a place where you can connect, see eye-to-eye, trade information and exchange of views safely, effectively and efficiently.

Share this website, so we can spread the word. Share the URL of this website on social media. Let’s make this website the ultimate global hub for everything and anything related to the Nuxalk culture.