Cajon Drum: A Look at One of the Popular Brands

Most especially for individuals that are interested in the Cajon Drum, there is a “Build your Cajon Kit” with videos and comprehensive instruction on the internet. It is without a fun weekend project for an individual that is handy or perhaps one that appreciates DIY projects. This will also allow having the feel and appearance of your Cajon Drum customized. However, the kit includes a birch wood of top quality but you will require some clamps of your own, most especially if you want to get this solid. It is important you are aware of the fact that, for the sake of affordability, you cannot beat it.

For instance, the Meinl traditional String Cation employs a guitar string that is running along the faceplate. It can also be adjusted using a screwdriver and the Allen key. It is quite important you know that the Meinl makes a line that is referred to as the Modern Snare Cajon’s and it has quite an easy way of adjusting the wire tension of the snare. On the side of the box, a knob is used in dialing the particular sound you desire. You will find other option of materials used in the fabrication process, for instance, there are those made from rubberwood and various faceplates including ash, ebony, and including one of fiberglass.

The artisan Cajons are the ones on the high end. They are a beautiful work of art. The Meinl’s Cajon does come with incorporated with rubber feet, which assist in protecting the instrument from the floor.

The most popular Cajon drum brands are always the one sought after, but you’ve got to learn what makes them tick among its fans. Experts share their knowledge about the key features of making a canon drum really great and why canjon drum fans love them.

Are all cajon drums the same?

Here is one myth about the cajon box drum that must be dispelled: All cajon drums are equal. The reason why there are people who believe this is true is because the instrument itself is simple, not to mention quite easy to learn. And knowing that Cajon literally translates to ‘box’, all the more people get the idea that they all sound the same.

The Cajon instrument is just like the guitar. Although the shape and its make is different, it shares some similarities. One, it has a hole where the sound resonates. The Cajon has a hole at the rear. What makes them different is that the musician taps on to the front surface called the tapa, while the rear with the hole is where the sound resonates. The guitar has the strings right on top of the hole, where the musician does his or her way in playing them and the sound resonates into the hole.

Guitars are made with different materials, which is why you will hear different sounds from it when you are out testing each of them if you are buying a guitar. The high-end guitars mostly produces crisp and amazing sounds, while the cheaper ones produces dull tones. The same can be said with the cajon drums, too. How they are made, which materials are used, the dimensions, the position of the hole, etc. – all of them affect the sound quality and durability of the cajon drum.

Try this if the aforementioned doesn’t convince you: if you can gather 10 cajon drums from the same manufacturer and the same model, try playing each and you will hear different sound coming out from them. It is because of this reason that experts recommend first time buyers to play their potential cajon drum before making their purchase or else they will regret buying the wrong cajon instead.

Experts share this secret to buying the best cajon drum – if they think the sound is nice, they put it back to the shelf where they took it. If they feel that they love to play with the instrument, it is their possible choice. It is not enough for them to pick up the seald box and sending it to their address.

Always keep this in mind – never underestimate the significance of listening to the cajon drum before buying one. If you have difficulty doing it by yourself, you can ask a favor from a friend you know about picking the best sounds from cajon drums and let them do the buying for you. They know which ones are the best to listen to and it will be a good investment for you as well.

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