Pokemon Go Accounts: A Guide to the Pokemon Go Game

Pokémon is increasingly popular on the world stage. In the face of gruesome discoveries and crippling server issues, Pokémon Go has moved to the summit of app charts, contributed billions to the market rate of Nintendo, and sold millions of Pokéballs as well as other virtual goods, as individuals make Pokémon accounts and engage in nostalgia for the real Pokémon games and realise the joys associated with playing games in public.

The game is deceivingly cumbersome. At first, it appears like all you do is move around, capturing indiscriminate fake animals. However, unlike what’s obtainable with a lot of mobile games, the Pokémon Go game leaves the majority of its intricacy mysterious. Much like with life itself, you find yourself in a world where you have to master it just as you decipher how it functions.

Well, there might be no guide to life itself, however, the following is an essential guide to Pokémon Go which will assist you to get you from starter to experienced Pokémon trainer, level up, and capture them all.

Pokémon Go happens to be a little different from previous games in the series, due to the fact that the Pokémon trainer—the small character you build at the start of the game—gains experience points to boost his or her level. In the real games, every Pokémon possesses its own experience points and level, however, not so in Go.

There are two major reasons you would like to move to a higher level:

  • As your level goes up, you will encounter and be able to capture stronger and better Pokémon.
  • Handy items are unlocked at specific The Razz Berry, for instance, which makes Pokémon easier to capture, gets unlocked at level 8.

Lucky Eggs

A highly valuable item for leveling up happens to be the Lucky Egg. Making use of an egg starts a 30-minute timer, within which you would get double experience points. Ensure that you use this tactfully by consulting the table to check out which high-XP jobs you could complete in that 30-minute window. You may time the Lucky Egg with a lot of Pokémon evolutions, or along with a lure that sends several Pokémon your way in a bid to get the maximum for your buck.

One Lucky Egg is given at the 9th level, and others at subsequent levels. Lucky Eggs could also be bought at the mall with PokéCoins.

Catching Pokémon

Capture a Pikachu: Just like what’s obtainable with the real games, when you begin to play Pokémon Go, you could opt for one of three Pokémon as your maiden companion: Charmander, Squirtle, or Bulbasaur. However, there is a hidden fourth choice, too: Pikachu. To grab a Pikachu, you just require a little patience. You need to stay away from the first three Pokémon that Professor Willow will give you and just leave. The three Pokémon will go after you for a bit and then vanish before reappearing. Do this on four occasions, and a Pikachu will surely emerge. Then you catch it. Capturing Pikachu doesn’t seem to have a strategic benefit since you would likely meet with stronger ones later on, but why miss out on a chance to hang out from the start?

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