Squishies: Why they are So Popular

Now that the holidays are drawing near, there is a certainty that you have confirmed from your children, nephews, and nieces what presents they want you to get for them. You’ll probably hear a lot of familiar names like Spongebob SquarePants and Dora the Explorer, but you shouldn’t be astonished if you hear them mention a new kind of toy over and over again. The wshcollection of squishies are the most recent playtime rave, and their toughness and an unending ability for fun are sure to make them the most sought-after gift this year.

What are squishes?

Squishes are animated, statues of babies and beautiful animals like dogs, cats, and ponies. The “squishes” are named differently on the basis that the real dolls are soft and squishy to hold. Like Pokémon figures, squishes dolls are wrapped in a spherical container – only these are transparent so as to give you a hint of what to anticipate when you unwrap them. The real squishes themselves cannot be bought individually when new. Blister packages of sixteen in a set may be seen in the shopping aisles of retail shops. Squishes have been well known since they were invented and have rendered many toy shelves empty all across the country, with so much demand for the adorable figurines during the Christmas holidays.

Squishies are typically scented, bread or cake happens to be the most popular choice. Squishies are normally attached to a lanyard or a cell phone strap.

Why do young ones adore the squishes? Well, they are definitely cute. Squishies are fun and tactile for kids to “squish” over and over, which explains the name. Add in the awesome smell and you have a lot of sensory toys that could be hard to resist.

In attempting to pin down how kids in the United States of America (USA) have become so attached to squishies, we appear to have trimmed it down to one potent source: YouTube. Go in search of the word “squishies” on YouTube and you would see a lot of videos concerning squishes. On YouTube, children, and even adults, trade squishies, show off their squishy collection and even attempt to make homemade squishies.

Squishies are close to being the major big toy attraction in the United States of America (USA), based on the toy-store owners interviewed by the New York Times and New York Magazine. As long as they are marketed well, much like what’s obtainable with fidget spinners, as a platform to alleviate anxiety and stress. However, having just opted for my strawberry, have it squeezed, and thereafter sniffed its fruity scent, that analysis appears to be a little left-field to me. Squishies might well grow into a full-blown trend, however, these squishes are not about easing anxiety and nervous energy. The squishes go a long way in reducing our sense of loneliness during a touch-deprived time.

Squishies are not a direct replacement for human affection. But as a result of their pillowy texture and adorable looks, squishes are very reassuring. Squishies merge the peace of mind and the familiarity associated with a stuffed animal—that little hint of comfort in a fresh place—with the calming factor and built-in activity of a fidget spinner.

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