Why it’s Important to Get Rid of That Deleted Browser History

Definitely, you and a lot of people would like to be more private in surfing the internet. You feel uneasy when you realize that others know the site that you go to. You will be livid, right? This explains why internet explorer should have a deleted browser history.

Are you aware that when you browse the internet, the webpage or URL that you go to will be saved on your hard drive? It’s due to the fact that your hard disk drive will load the web pages that you frequently go to in flash, therefore it doesn’t have to download the web page again. The history will prompt your computer to be slower than before. That is why you need to delete all history to wipe out your trace.

So, how to wipe out your browser history on your computer? Here are a few ways to delete your browser history depending on the browser engine.

  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer.

If you are making use of Internet Explorer 7.0 and newer versions, press the Alt key to view the file menu and ease you to view optional features such as Tools, File, etc.

To access history for the IE 7 or above users, press the “Tools” menu, “Internet Option”, press “Settings” button under the Browsing history and opt for “View Files”.

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