British Columbia (BC) is undoubtedly one of Canada's top places to live in. It is home to some of the most vibrant cities and spectacular scenery in the country. Bordered by majestic mountain ranges as well as the vast pacific coastline, this Canadian province offers everything for everyone. Residents here can live in the relatively quiet mountains, bustling cities like Victoria, or seaside towns like Port McNeill. In terms of real estate, British Columbia has it all, including both low-end and high-end homes. This guide is for those who want to purchase a luxury home in BC.

What to Look for in a Luxury Home in BC

British Columbia's phenomenal luxury real estate world is a highly coveted one, full of hopes and dreams for many homeowners. However, only the lucky few can afford this extravagance. For them, they want the best of the best and won't settle for anything less. Yes, money is not a problem for them; they are ready to pay a premium so long as they get the right home.

So, what must a luxury home have before the buyer can splash the cash? What should the buyers look for? Well, high-end homes go way beyond just a hefty price tag. To maximize the benefits of one, a buyer should be looking for things like location, unique architectural features, construction quality, and size.

Here is a detailed look at what makes a luxury home in BC.

  1. Location
    Location, location, location; this saying holds true for luxury real estate everywhere, not just in British Columbia. It makes no sense to have a state-of-the-house home set in a low-end area where access to a shopping center is a problem. However, if the home is built in a desirable location- in the high mountains with incredible views, in the center of a nice city, or along a waterfront- then it is considered high-end. For those looking to purchase a luxury home in the Canada's Westernmost province, the well-known cities of Victoria, Kelowna, and Vancouver are all excellent places to do their search.

    However, there are also dozens of other towns with excellent luxury homes to settle in, including:

    - Revelstoke
    - Ucluelet
    - Tofino
    - Port Renfrew
    - Crawford Bay
    - Fernie
    - Invermere
    - Whistler
    - Squamish
    - Nelson

  2. Topnotch Home Decor
    A luxury home in BC must feature impeccable decorations. The interiors should be adorned with top-quality decor, possibly with heirloom pieces. That said, most luxury home sellers in the province would update their properties before listing them for sale. Hence, finding a house with updated light fixtures, classic hardware, and elegant wall moldings is not so difficult. And while these features may not all be present in a home, most of them should be present. They add a touch of class to the home interior.

  3. Swimming Pool
    A swimming pool is and will always be a telltale sign of a luxury home. Of course, it is one of the most expensive features of a home, both in terms of construction and maintenance. Hence, the presence of this fixture indicates the owner spent some good money with high-end buyers in mind.

    British Columbia can be very hot, especially in summer, which is around June to August. During this time, temperatures can rise as high as 86 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. No one in their right mind will not look for a good swim to escape a hot day, relax, and de-stress.

    Besides, a pool allows one to spend time with their family, which helps to cultivate intimacy and better relationship. It also adds an aesthetic appeal to any home, transforming it into a personal resort. If the buyer feels like selling the home in the future, a pool will be one of the most significant selling points.

  4. Home Bar
    Most luxury homes are also meant to entertain. Homeowners tend to prefer staying in the comfort of their homes when holding social events like parties. Of course, it feels better than being in a crowded public bar with noise. And no, it is not just a small one; some high-end homes have an entire floor dedicated to this purpose. A pub right inside a home? Something like that.

  5. Wine Cellar
    This is one of the most luxurious features found in luxurious homes. After all, very few things spell luxury more than sipping a glass of wine or serving it to guests. Besides just taking the wine, luxurious homeowners may want to safely keep it as a treasure or collection from overseas travels. A wine cellar preserves and stores wine at the right temperature, preventing it from spoiling.

  6. Built-In Security Features
    No luxurious home would be complete without security features. The homes contain many valuables, which can attract thugs. Hence, security cameras, alarms, and smart locks are some of the things to look for when buying.